Eat, Draw, Explore

Interview & Illustrations by Mother, Illustrator & Nutrition Student Meri Biscotto

What is Eat Draw Explore?

Eat Draw Explore is a combination of my 3 passions Nutrition, Illustration and Learning.

Eat Draw explore focuses on bringing different perspectives together to put forward the value of good nutrition, with a special interest in babies, kids and mums. Watching my boys grow has been an eye opener, it is their need for exploration that helps them understand and connect with their food and their environment. It's through the need of exploration to see things from a different perspective that I began illustrating food. Through Eat Draw Explore I am to create a platform where we can share information that is backed by evidence that will help give parents and kids an understanding of basic nutrition.

Do you illustrate all food, or just the things you would consume & feed to your children?

Everything I've illustrated has been foods and meals that my family and I eat regularly. I focus heavily on fruits, vegetables and whole foods with products that my family and I love. I aim to show recipes and information in a simple way that are also nutritious, because we all want convenience, right?

Having little ones, what would be your best advice for a Mum or Dad looking to make better choices?

Keep it simple. Haha seriously! I was completely blind sighted when I first started transitioning my boys to solid food with all the mixed messaging out there. My rule of thumb is aim for less ingredients. There are a lot of good quality products out there, Its just a matter of educating yourself and if in doubt asking for advice from professionals.

What is the most important lesson you can teach your children about food?

I hope to teach them the value of good nutrition and how much of an affect it has on the way your body functions at the very least. I hope to teach them that food should also be enjoyed with lots of friends and family around!

Is there a connection between art & food that could change the status quo on healthy & un-healthy eating?

Art is expression, and with the growing trend of visuals thanks to social media platforms, I feel that art could help simplify the information that is out there. It's a matter of seeing things from different perspectives.

There is so much information out there these days it's tough to cut through the noise; what are a couple of tips to making better choices amongst the aisles?

First and foremost we are not always going to get it "right" are we? (Haha) Keep it simple. That's my life motto and definitely applies to the aisles. As a general rule, for making purchase for my family, I aim to purchase whole foods as much as possible and I look for products with the least amount of ingredients and added artificial sugars.

I think people get caught up in what's 'bad' and what's 'good' in terms of diets and the foods to consume. The critical thing is we need to understand that we are all so different and what is a good food for me, might not be good for the next person - just ask someone who's lactose intolerant!


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