How to improve your performance for next year's CrossFit Open season with Khan Porter

3 Pieces of Advice From The 2017 Open

The Open finished only a few weeks ago and though many people's attention has turned towards either competing at or watching their favourite athletes at regionals, here's three things you can think about if you want to improve your performance for next year's Open season.

1. Be prepared to redo all the workouts. All the best athletes are doing this, there is no shame in testing a workout on the Friday, resting up and hitting it at full capacity sunday or monday. You will learn more about yourself as an athlete in doing so and almost always improve your score.

2. Stop training like regionals and games athletes and do hundreds of reps of light weight and bodyweight movements. Regional and Games style events are fun and the crazy workouts you see on social media may be tempting to jump into, but, the Open follows the same formula each year. The movements are simple, low weight and you have to do lots and lots of reps. Try to make sure you're doing at least 100 total reps per workout and that's a minimun!

3. Get really, really, REALLY fit and really good at gymnastics. Two of this year's open workouts came down to pure work capacity (17.1 and 17.5) and two pretty much hinged on your gymnastic ability (17.2 - T2B / MU 17.4 - HSPU). STOP going on elaborate strength programs in the "offseason" and spend hours on the assault bike, rower and mastering the bodyweight movements.

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