#EATCLEAN Sally Fitzgibbons - WSL Surf Athlete



Sally Fitzgibbons was born an athlete. From an early age she decided she wanted to be a champion at something. She played soccer, touch football and cross-country running, and ended up a national champion middle distance runner in High School. For Fitzgibbons, all those sports fed off each other, but ultimately, her love for surfing is what won out. We were lucky enough to catch Sal between her WSL schedule for the Protein Bar launch.

"I think getting to the top, or mastering any craft for that matter, is all about patience. It’s the incremental things done every day. Learning the ways of the ocean, the line-ups, waves and wave speed are something I feel take a lifetime."

"I look around at everyone in the line-up on the WSL Tour and I see some of my favourite surfers. To see the best calibre of athletes and recognise you’re in that same environment, is the best kind of motivator. My advice is to anyone chasing a dream is to keep challenging yourself with what you are passionate about."

"When I’m traveling, I keep foods in their most natural category, like plant based foods, and the best proteins you can find. That’s the beauty with Blue Dinosaur Bars, they’re always my back-up plan no matter what – and why my suitcase is so heavy!"

"I’m so excited about the protein bars, they’re going to be a real game changer for me come competition day! You’re no longer looking for that protein supplement to take along with your snack bar, and I’m really pumped about that”.

Ingredients: Free Range Egg Whites, Beef Collagen, MCT Oil, Dates, Maple Syrup, Raw Organic Cacao.

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