#EATCLEAN Jess Coughlan - CrossFit Athlete



CrossFit is a game of inches (and pounds) and to be at the top and stay there like Jess has it takes more than just commitment, skill, strength and determination. We caught up with the 2017 CrossFit Games athlete to get an insight into the life (and eating habits) of one of the fittest women on earth!

"My biggest piece of advice to achieving your sporting goals is first and foremost a positive attitude regardless of the situation. From there, it’s being prepared to put in the hard work on a daily basis and being consistent in all aspects of life both inside and outside of the gym."

"There’s no point training hard if you aren't consistent with good sleep, diet, mental training, recovery and hydration. Loads of people enjoy training hard physically, but aren't as willing to put in the one percenters outside of the gym."

"One of my personal strengths is meticulously planning for a competition - leaving no stone un-turned in the lead up, and also during the event. This includes everything from workout strategy to food timings. If you want to succeed you cannot leave anything to chance, so best be prepared."

"The old addage, "You can't outrain a bad diet," is 100% true. Diet 100% effects performance, athletes often don't give enough weight to this and how much better they can feel, and more energy you have on the competition floor until they make positive changes."

"I will typically grab a Blue Dinosaur Bar shortly before I commence training, it gives me an energy hit and a good caloric intake without feeling full from eating too much. OR, if I am on the run I will throw a bar or two in my bag to avoid making poor choices!"

"I definitely couldn't live without something sweet in my fridge, I am guilty of a huge sweet tooth, so clean treats like frozen berries and mango, or Blue Dinosaur bars are a must!"

Ingredients: Free Range Egg Whites, Beef Collagen, MCT Oil, Dates, Maple Syrup, Fair Trade Espresso Beans (9.4%).

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