#EATCLEAN Kieran Roche - Triathlete



Kieran "Rocket" Roche began 2018 atop of the podium winning the prestigious Husky Long Course and etching his name alongside past winners Craig Alexander, Pete Jacobs & Tim Reed. Kieran's major focus since, has been to clock up some half ironman wins on his way to competing in the world championship's in Port Elizabeth, South Africa later this month. We're stoked to have an athlete of Kieran's influence on team BD and to have him promote the launch of our new Protein Bar.

“Nutrition plays a big role in my performance. As a triathlete, we’re all about fat burning.We race to up to 16hours on race day. You just can’t burn sugars for that long and then dump sugars right back into your system".

"Your body is a machine, in terms of racing and performing. You want to make sure you’re fuelling your body to perform at its best. I like to think about what I’m putting into my body, by eating simply and having a balance throughout the day".

"Blue dinosaur is great being a natural source of high fat. It works perfectly with what I’ve been focusing on when it comes to diet and performance.”

Ingredients: Peanut Butter (23.5%), Free Range Egg Whites, Beef Collagen, MCT Oil, Dates, Maple Syrup.

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