6 Feet Of Separation - Ironwoman Lizzie Welborn

6 Feet of Separation is a peek over the fence, (from at least 6 feet!) into the minds & lives of athletes, wellbeing warriors & nutritionists who are navigating the new norm that is self isolation.

You might have heard Lizzie Welborn mentioned for her 3rd place finish in the 19/20 Nutri-Grain Iron Series, or for her crazy achievements in the world's gnarliest paddle race - the M2O (Molokai 2 Oahu 52km), or maybe you were paddling a ski somewhere between Newport & Bondi and she zipped past you like you were standing still? 

Crazy athlete, environmental advocate, and inspiration to the next Iron generation, Lizzie is one of the awesome ones that has the perfect balance of fierce competitor & humble role model. 

Here's an insight into Lizzie's Iso life.

Intro yourself in a sentence (who you are and what you do)

Hello! I am Lizzie Welborn and I am a professional iron woman from Sydney. I also compete in endurance paddle board races and I am a huge advocate for protecting our oceans from plastic pollution.


Paint a picture of where you are now & who you are experiencing Iso life with?

I am very grateful to be in iso up the coast in my parents house, we have been here for 7 weeks now. I am here with my parents, sister, and boyfriend. There aren’t many people here so it is super cruisey. We are planning on living here until everything in Sydney starts to go back to normal.

What have you been enjoying? And looking forward to never doing again?

I have been enjoying being able to go for a swim, I have heard a lot of the beaches in Sydney are shut so I am not taking the beaches here for granted! I am looking forward to never having to only buy two cans of beans when I go to the shops. Every time I go I usually buy about 10 and 2 doesn’t give me enough variety!


What’s a day in the life look like right now?

I wake up and go for a run. When I come back most of the family is up and we enjoy a hot cup of coffee whilst doing a Sudoku from the Australian paper. Then I do some uni work, check the surf, and just hang out. I try and do some yoga every day as my isolation resolution, and I am really enjoying it. I am using down dog, it is a great app if anyone is looking for one. I’ve been baking a bit. I tried making Lamington Blue Dinosaur Bars the other day and they were delicious. We’ve been getting through a couple of Netflix series at night as well, we just finished Tiger King and all I can say is what the f%$k. 

Isolation exercise regime of choice?

Just running and yoga for now. I might start paddling a bit soon but it is so hard to tell when out next race will be. It all depends on how long this isolation lasts. 


Book you are currently reading or have just finished?

Boy Swallows Universe, and it is so good.


A podcast that you’d recommend?

The rich roll podcast is my favourite podcast ever. There are so many episodes so for someone who has never listened to it before it is super overwhelming. I recommend listening to the ones where Rich Roll interviews Zach Bush MD. There are 4 episodes, one of them was just released. Zach is so cool and what he says about the world is incredible.


Board games?

Backgammon hands down. In our family we have backgammon series between each other and they get pretty intense.


If all this stopped tomorrow what would be the first thing you would do?

I would go to a cafe and get a nice coffee in a keep cup, one of the most devastating things about isolation for me is that we aren’t allowed to use keep cups any more :((. And then I would have all of my friends over.


What is your “signature” dish in the kitchen & what's the secret ingredient?

At the moment it is a raw caramel slice I have been making, the secret ingredient is tahini


How do you have your coffee? (if you don’t drink coffee go straight to question 17).

Oat milk latte please - regular


Screen Time. Be honest, what's your daily average? Which app is getting the most attention?

My goal during isolation has been to try and keep it under an hour each day. Normally it usually sits around 2 hours. This week I averaged 2 hours which is disappointing, but my most used app has been the yoga app so that makes up for it. However, my Instagram app had just over three hours this week.


Google your first name followed by “glamour shot” and add below (haha).

What would you rather;

 Be circled by a Great White or chased by a Grizzly Bear?

Circled by a Great White shark because I have always wanted to see one and I feel like I would somehow be better at fighting it.

If you were forced to delete 1; Instagram or Facebook what would it be?

Facebook, just.


Lose all of your contacts or all of your photos (with no back-ups) on your phone?

This is so hard! Loosing the contacts is annoying but it is replaceable, loosing the photos would just be so sad. So I am going to go with contacts.


Go on a week-long Cruise or be missing at sea with no food or water for 24 hours?

After this, I will never be seen on a cruise ship. I'd rather be missing at sea thanks. 

17. Prove that you are not a robot.

Doing sleds in the gym makes me cry every time.



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