6 Feet Of Separation - Moya Johansson & Kieran Roche

6 Feet of Separation is a peek over the fence, (from at least 6 feet!) into the minds & lives of athletes, wellbeing warriors & nutritionists who are navigating the new norm that is self isolation.

Moya Johansson & Kieran Roche really, really, really enjoy swimming, riding and running for hours each day, that is the bare minimum if you want to be competitive in the insane world of being a Professional Triathlete! Moya & Kieran both finished Runner Up in the Big Husky 70.3, and have their sights set on big goals in 2020. 

As they say "couple's who Tri together iso together", (no one actually says that) we caught up with them last week to see how they are managing #isolyf.

See what Moya (M) and Kieran (K) have to say below. 

Intro yourself in a sentence (who you are and what you do)

K - An Australian and Irish dual citizen, who likes Colombian coffee, American bourbon, my Taiwanese bike and African dance music.
M - An Australian and Swedish dual citizen, who puts up with Kieran Roche on the daily.


Paint a picture of where you are now & who you are experiencing Iso life with?

K & M - Currently Moya and I are isolating in Bawley Point. The ocean is a short walk away, trails through bushland are in abundance, and importantly we don't cross paths with many people down here.


What have you been enjoying?

K - Since our race season has dramatically changed direction, so to has our training phases and focuses. This was initially upsetting, but I am changing my mindset and looking at this as an opportunity to bank some valuable training to hopefully set me up once racing resumes. It is essential to stay positive during these times, so I continue to tell myself that I am enjoying the new focus!
M - Enjoying doing activities we aren't always able to due to time restraints, our training program or location restrictions. I have been seriously enjoying fishing off the kayak most days, and catching fish for dinner (current record is 59cm).

And looking forward to never doing again?

K - Talking to people from an awkward distance.

M - Doing a full day of isolating without any physical activity at all. Made that mistake and felt like a cooped up chook.


What’s a day in the life look like right now?

K & M - Fishing in the morning, ocean swim, bike on the trainer, run trails, WFH and drink copious amounts of coffee.


Isolation exercise regime of choice?
K - Cycling on the indoor trainer.
M - As above.


Book you are currently reading or have just finished?

K - Currently reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Steig Larsson)
M - Currently reading The Shepherd's Hut (Tim Winton)


A podcast that you’d recommend?

K - Not quite a podcast, but I would recommend people give the Headspace app a go. I have found this a really helpful tool for both 'getting my head in the game' from a performance perspective, but also to help clear my head in my personal life. With so many people currently working from home during this difficult time, this could be an incredibly helpful tool, and it's just 10mins per day. (Nb. I have no affiliation to Headspace, just genuinely appreciate the app).
M - S-Town.


Board games?
K - I'd rather sit around a table and talk smack.
M - Simple cards, the game 'loser' is my favourite.


If all this stopped tomorrow what would be the first thing you would do?
K - Sign up for a triathlon.
M - Hate to do this, but what he said. I also can't wait to go riding in a group with friends again.


What is your “signature” dish in the kitchen & what's the secret ingredient?
K - I love a big fry up - eggs, mushroom, tomato, red onion, mayo & spinach. Secret ingredient - a hard training session beforehand, which makes anything taste amazing.
M - Boring I know, salads with whatever happens to be in the fridge. Secret ingredient: danish feta.


How do you have your coffee?
K - Espresso.
M -  Skim flat white.


Screen Time. Be honest, what's your daily average? Which app is getting the most attention?
K - Mine is actually abnormally high recently as I have been watching netflix on my phone during my stationary bike sessions... 3hrs.
M - 1.5hrs...eek. But in my defence, I have also been using my phone a bit on the bike trainer recently.


Google your first name followed by “glamour shot” and add below (haha).
K - 'Kieran Glamour Shot':

M -  'Moya Glamour Shot'


What would you rather;

Be circled by a Great White or chased by a Grizzly Bear?
K - Grizzly Bear, it would be cool to see one.
M - Grizzly Bear. Both sound pretty terrible.


If you were forced to delete 1; Instagram or Facebook what would it be?
K - Facebook, I don't use it very much.
M - Facebook, that's easy.

Lose all of your contacts or all of your photos (with no back-ups) on your phone?
K - I lose both every time I get a new phone. I am not quite on top of 'the cloud'.
M - Contacts, photos can't be replaced.


Go on a week-long Cruise or be missing at sea with no food or water for 24 hours?
K - I think I will avoiding cruise ships from here onward.
M - No food or water for 24hrs seems easy compared to what some of the recent 'cruise-ship goers' have endured.


17. Prove that you are not a robot.
K - I work hard everyday which ultimately makes me go faster, rather than going slower and eventually crashing 😉
M - I feel I am really good at identifying traffic lights and crosswalks.

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Moya - https://www.instagram.com/p/B93m4YvBF3i/

Kieran - https://www.instagram.com/kieranrochey/

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