Mouthwatering new look! Same amazing bars.

So, what do you think….? (biting nails emoji) What might look like a new colour palate, a less jacked mascot, and a more hand-written typeface, is the result of taking a huge leap, and engaging Australia’s leading packaging design outfit, FROST* with the ambition of taking Blue Dinosaur & the amazing people we make our products for (that’s you) into the future.

With everyone zigging, we decided it was time to zag.

We started our company in 2012 with bucket loads of reckless abandon and in a very focussed space, CrossFit. In that space the word Paleo and the Blue veiny biceps of our logo were understood, worshipped, and ignored, in equal measure. Yet as a result our packaging leapt off the shelf amongst the sea of muted, recycled tones. As time went by however, our bars, with the amazing nudge from the CrossFit community, grew into markets where a focus on holistic eating drew appreciation for their minimal, wholefood nature and unique hand-baked texture.

Zagging for us comes from a place of generosity. Our mission is not to distance ourselves from our roots and we certainly aren’t changing our ideals as a company, but we do want our product to speak more clearly to people like you. Real food ingredients made convenient in the form of “I am a hand-baked Lamington bar made with these 5 ingredients”, that’s it. Oh, and also “Here is an anatomically incorrect dinosaur” because we will never lose our dinosaur!

We sincerely hope you love our new packaging as much as we do. We kinda figure you won’t really pay that much attention, but if you could pretend to, just to make us feel validated, that would be great!

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