Same Bars, New Names!

Farewell Ginger Nut & The Original - Hello Wild Apricot & Dark Cacao!

We're really excited to announce the name changes of our two longest standing legends; The Original & Ginger Nut Bars. These bars will now be known as Dark Cacao and Wild Apricot.

Blue Dinosaur Founder, Mike Watts-Seale, said "the name change makeover is something that will give our customers a greater understanding of what they are purchasing".

"Truth on packaging is something we pride ourselves on and we believe that 'Dark Cacao' & 'Wild Apricot' are far more indicative of what's inside the wrapper," he said.

So if you've always wanted to try these bars but weren't quite sure what the flavour would be like, now you know! Head into your local stockist or visit our shop to buy the Dark Cacao and Wild Apricot today!