New Product - Say hello to Super Bites

Delicious, real and nutritious.

At Blue Dinosaur we make products we believe are genuinely worth eating. Not just because they taste great but because they are great for you. We don't just focus on the flavour of our ingredients but the benefits of having eaten them. Every time we design a bar, or a bite, we ask ourselves "how can we improve the day of the person who will eat this? What can this bar/bite do to make help make them healthier for having eaten it?". Our Paleo Bars are delicious, they're real, they're nutritious and we couldn't be more proud of them.

Super Bites, super food!

The Super Bites are an opportunity to focus on the health benefits we can offer to the everyday snacker. What specific superfood benefits can we bring to your day? Whether it be energy from Espresso and MCT oil or Antioxidants from the Matcha, Barley Grass and Spirulina bite, we created our bites to allow you to very purposefully add specific superfood ingredients to your day so you can rest assured that, even with your crazy hectic lifestyle, you're still getting your daily intake of greens, or antioxidants or energy.

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